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As a family we love to play board games together regularly. Personally I love board games of all types and as my family grows up I am always looking for board games to introduce them to this amazing past time.

Currently we are relentlessly playing Enchanted Forest and Snakes and Ladders with my 5 year old. She loves Enchanted Forest! I am slowly trying to introduce Ticket to Ride First Journey but she is still a bit young.

My wife and I often play when we find the energy. At the moment our favorites are Ticket to Ride Europe, Carcassonne, Villainous and Forbidden Desert at the moment. We are also quite taken with Takenoko which was one of the first games we played together.

I started this blog to share our journey with you and as my family grows up to share the game we love to play. Our hope is that we can share with you the best board games for your family.

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There are categories like Buyers Guides to help you make a decision on your next favorite board game. Here you will find articles like Gloomhaven Vs Scythe or 9 Fun Board Games for Kids or 20 Best Solo Board Games.

Or checkout the How to Guides to answer some questions. Useful How To Guides like How to Play Wingspan Solo or A 10 Minute Guide on How To Play Ticket To Ride Europe. There are also useful article on things like the pros and cons of sleaving your games and how to play games solo. We will provide tips and ideas to make your board game sessions fun.

You can find reviews in our Board Game Reviews section of many games you may be considering buying so head over a take a look.

There is a special section especially for families with ideas for your games sessions in Family Games Night section like 5 Fun Board Games Like Clue You Will Love to Play.

Happy board gaming.

Phil Gibbons

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