How Do You Score 6 In A Row In Sequence? | Solved!

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So, how do you score 6 in a row in Sequence?

The official rules state that you can only use one chip in a sequence of 5 to make up another sequence. If you counted a row of 6 as two sequences you would need to reuse 4 chips in both sequences and so this is invalid. Therefore, you can only count a row of 6 as one sequence of 5.

Thus, the smallest valid number of chips to make two sequences is 9. Four chips in each sequence with one chip reused. This would be a valid sequence of two.

score 6 in a row in sequence

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Which chips make up the sequence?

One rule in Sequence states you cannot remove a chip that is part of a sequence.

Now, if you imagine for a moment that a player has made a sequence with a row of 6 chips. The opponent decides that removing one of the end chips will benefit their game.

An argument breaks out because the player who laid the sequence says it was part of the sequence (even if it wasn’t)!

In the interest of fair play I recommend that when someone creates a sequence of 6 or more, the player making the sequence states which chips make up the sequence.

This will allow the opponent to know and remove the remaining chip(s) if they wish. It will also prevent needless arguments.

Legitimate Sequences using shared chip - How do you score 6 in a row in sequence
Legitimate Sequences sharing a chip

The diagram above demonstrates how you can share one chip to make up two sequences. The light colored chips are the single shared chip used in both sequences.

Best Sequence game strategy – how to win

Now we have gotten the most contentious rule out the way let’s take a look at how you can be victorious in the game of sequence.

Think ahead

The first and most obvious tip is to try to think and plan 2 or 3 moves ahead. Similar to chess this will help you prevent your opponent from scoring sequences and maximise your own.

Anticipating what your opponent is doing and making moves to thwart them. Whilst also completing your sequences will lead you to blissful victory.

Use the centre

When placing your chips, work from the centre of the board and try to develop double ended sequences of 4. Whilst also working to hold the cards that will complete the sequence at both ends.

Everytime you can get into this position you will have a definite sequence. Even if your opponent blocks one end you will still make a sequence at the other on your next move.

Join sequences

Think like a scrabble player here. You can create a sequence using one other chip in another sequence. This builds more potential to have more chips.

And so create more sequences with less effort as you only need a 4 (plus the chip already in the other sequence) to make your sequence.


Use two eyed Jacks to complete your sequences rather than foil your opponent. I would always focus on completing sequences rather than preventing your opponent. You cannot win being defensive but by creating sequences yourself.



Sequence is an amazingly versatile board game when it comes to how many players can play. You can play Sequence with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 players equally well. This is a family favourite and is a great addition to your collection.

Now you have read this article I hope that you will have even more fun when playing Sequence.

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