Can You Touch Multiple Blocks In Jenga? No Cheating Now!

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The wonderful game of Jenga is a great family and party game. It develops fine motor skills and so is great for kids. One question that is often asked is can you touch multiple blocks in Jenga?

You can touch multiple blocks in Jenga as long as you only use one hand. If you are testing to see which blocks are loose and you move one in the process then you must push it back into its original position – still using only one hand. However, you can pinch two blocks together and remove one.

Now you have that useful piece of information, how can you use it to your advantage? The best strategy is to gently push or move blocks to feel if they are loose. The loose blocks are the ones that you want to try and remove.

Remember! You can only use one hand and if you move a block that you don’t intend to remove then you must push it back, only with one hand, to its original position. So, be careful not to push a block so much that it wedges or else it will be super hard to push back. It could potentially be your downfall.

Often when playing Jenga the center blocks are the first to be removed. If you only have the option to remove an outer block then you are doomed to failure. Luckily there is an option to carefully pinch these two blocks together so that one block is centered under the tower. You can then attempt to remove the outer block successfully. Hopefully the tower will remain and your opponent can look on, horrified that it is now their go!

Now we have cleared up that tricky question. Let’s look at 6 great tips that will really put you in a place where you could be unbeatable at Jenga!

Can you touch multiple blocks in Jenga?

Table of Contents

  1. How do you win at Jenga every time?
  2. Conclusion

How do you win at Jenga every time?

Jenga is a very simple game that is lots of fun but also often challenging to play. So let’s take a look at the 6 best strategies that will give you the best chance to win at Jenga every time.

  1. Take your time

This seems like a simple and obvious tip but it is a good one. Keeping a good view of the tower is essential to picking the best block. Also, remember to breathe and relax. The more tense you are the more likely to not move well and make a mistake.

Keeping a relaxed approach and not rushing is the best way to make sure you are removing the best block.

  1. Pay attention to weight distribution

Each Jenga block is very slightly unique in its size. This means that some are thicker or thinner than others. Making the best choice is really important as you want to find the block on a row that is slightly thinner than its neighbor. This may not be the center block and so removing one of the outer blocks will be necessary.

As blocks are removed and added to the tower it will naturally shift the weight of the tower to one side or another. Understanding this weight shift is important as it will do two things. It will free up blocks on the other side to where the weight is and make the weighted side more dangerous to remove blocks.

This will possibly make some blocks on the unweighted side to become loose and make easy pickings. Be careful though as you still have to place that removed block back on top of the tower, probably moving the weight onto the side you have just removed. Make sure it can take it.

Be careful when removing blocks from the weighted side as it could move the weight too far and your game will be over.

  1. Be dexterous

OK, so you can only use one hand. There is nothing in the rules that says it has to be the same hand! You will naturally default to your main hand depending on whether you are left or right handed but this isn’t necessarily the best hand to use.

If the block is in a tricky position then consider if using your other hand will be better. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t start with one hand swap to another then back again to finish off. As long as it is only one hand at a time.

Also, think of ways in which you can use your hand dexterously to remove the blocks. Using multiple fingers to pinch, slide or separate blocks. A bit of imagination here might just steal the game.

  1. If possible Push blocks

It is better to gently push a block with one finger than to try and pull it out. This is due to the fact you are more likely to move in the vertical plane when pulling a block out. This would affect the rest of the tower, possibly in a very bad way!

Pushing will get the block started, but be careful. The block must not touch the table and so taking it out the last little bit will be the best course of action.

  1. Center blocks are key

We’ve already discussed how center blocks are often the first to be removed. This is for good reason. If they are easy to remove due to being slightly thinner than the outer blocks then it is very easy to do this. The tower will remain very stable.

Making this your first priority will reduce the options for your opponent, especially if they don’t know they can squeeze blocks together. Which leads nicely onto my next tip.

  1. Move blocks to the center

If your opponent thinks they have bested you because they have removed a center block. do not worry. It is legal for you to move an outer block to the center. This will hopefully free up the other outer block for you to dexterously remove. Hopefully leaving your opponent with a very difficult next move!


Now you know that you can touch multiple blocks as long as you move them you must put them back. Of course, everything discussed here must be accomplished using only one hand at a time.

I hope the tips on how to win at Jenga everytime will bring you hours of fun and many victories. You may also like 5 Fun Board Games like Clue You’ll Love to Play or perhaps want some new game ideas for your family. I have some great suggestions in 9 Fun Board Games for Kids.

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