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So, you want to play blokus but there are only two of you. Great, this article is just for you.

This article describes two amazing variations on how to play blokus with 2 players. If you have the 4 player version of blokus then you’ll find out the best way to play blokus with two. Make sure you don’t miss the second variation as this is the best one. Let’s take a look now.

For those who are reading this and don’t know what Blokus is. Blokus is a tetris-like game distributed by Mattel Games. The game is for 2-4 players and for ages 7+.

You place the tetris-like shapes on a grid. The aim of the game is to block your opponent from being able to lay their shapes whilst you get rid of all yours.

The game finishes when all the players cannot move anymore.

Usually you play Blokus with four players and this is the best way to play it. It is possible to play two player variations which is still a lot of fun. Especially when you can’t rustle up two other players.

How to play Blokus with 2 players

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2 player 2 color Blokus

This version is the version that is included in Blokus and the basic concept is that you each take two colors and play opposing corners.

It uses all 84 pieces and so each player takes two colors each. As the players have two colors they play on the whole 20×20 board.

One player takes blue and red whilst the other has yellow and green. Each player will play one color per turn. The play order is as follows:

Blue – First player

Yellow – Second player

Red – First player

Green – Second player

The first turn of each color must cover a corner square to start. As in the normal game, the same color pieces cannot touch along an edge.

Only the corners may touch. Different colors may touch in whichever way you like. This includes the different colors you are playing with so you can put those together along their edges.

Once you have placed a piece it cannot be moved. Whenever a player cannot go they pass their turn and the next player will go.

Once all players cannot move with any of their colors then the game is over.

When scoring both colors are counted towards a player’s final score.

Basic scoring

If you are using the basic scoring then count up all the squares of both colors and the player with the least number of unplayed squares wins.

Advanced scoring

If you are playing the advanced method then you count each unplayed square. An unplayed square is equal to -1. If one of the players manages to have played all of their pieces in one color then they get 15 points. If the last piece of that color laid was a single square then the player gets a 5 point bonus.

“Blokus” by Aldaron is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2 player 1 color Blokus

Mattel provides a two player version of Blokus called Blokus Duo. Blokus Duo comes with a 14×14 board size. This version is considered to be much more enjoyable to play by many. It is a faster game which plays with only two colors.

This variation is for 2 players of ages 7+ and usually lasts around 30 minutes per round.

However, there is no need to go out and buy Blokus Duo if you already have Blokus. You can play this variation by creating a 14×14 grid on your Blokus board.

The first thing to do is reduce the board size to a 14×14 grid. In this variation you are only going to play with two colors so you can use the other two colors to create the smaller board as shown in the diagram below.

Blokus board setup for 2 players
How to create a smaller board

There are two ways of bounding the grid. The left hand is by far the prettiest version and I have outlined how the shapes go together in order to make that shaped boundary. This is really not necessary.

A simpler way would be to set up the board like the diagram on the right. You can use any shape to make up this as long as it creates a straight edge if you don’t have time for pretty.

Note the two starting positions marked on the board with orange stars. When starting the players must lay their first piece so that one of its squares covers this square.

As the game proceeds each player must lay their pieces so that they touch another piece of the same color, but only the corners may touch. You cannot place the piece so its edge touches another of the same color.

If a player cannot place any of their pieces then they forfeit their go and the turn move onto the other player. If one player cannot make any more plays then the other may continue for as long as they can until they too cannot lay any more pieces.

The game ends once both players cannot place any more pieces.

In this variation you score using the advanced scoring of the main game.

Each square not placed is scored as a -1. If a player has successfully placed all their pieces then they get a +15 to add to their score. If the last piece was the one square then they also get a bonus +5 points.

How to play Blokus with 2 players – Pro Tips and Tricks

Here are some prop tips and tricks to help you master the game of Blokus. These tips and tricks should work for both versions unless stated that they are specific to one or the other.

Aim to control the centre

Blokus is about getting as many pieces laid down as possible and to do that you need space. Head for the centre straight off the bat. This is the largest area and so the most strategically important.

From the centre you are also closest to any point on the rest of the board. This gives you an advantage of opening choices and places you can head to.

Use the largest pieces first

Using the largest pieces first ensures that you won’t be left with some large pieces at the end of the game. This will hopefully reduce the negative score. Also, smaller pieces are easier to place once the game progresses and there is less space to place them in.

Block your opponent

If you are playing the full 4 color 2 player variant then try and use your two colors to block in one of your opponents colors. If successful you will have left them with a pile of pieces they can’t use and only one offensive color to play against you with.

Single square is strong

The single square is a powerful piece and is really useful for opening up new areas when you are in a tight spot. The trick is to not play this piece too early in the game. Save it for when you really need it.

Finishing a color earns points

Whilst you are planning to get rid of all your color pieces make sure you keep one eye on your opponent. If it looks like they are looking good to do the same try and plan to block their ability to get rid of all their pieces.


Blokus is a great 4 player strategy game but in this article we can see that it can be just as much fun with two players. The second variation where you limit the board size and play with only one color is preferred by many.

I would recommend playing both versions and seeing which best suits you. It may be that you enjoy playing both but at different times or moods.

If you enjoy Blokus then take a look at the game below which I think you will also like. Santorini is a great two player strategy game that I recommend for two players.

It is simple to learn and each round is about 20 minutes. Or perhaps Gunslinger Vs Samurai, Dice Throne Season Two will be more interesting where you can duel together and see who is victorious.

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