7 Best Drawing Art Boardgames to make your evening buzz!

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If you are having a few people over and want to have some fun then drawing games are a great choice. All these games, bar one, start at 3 players or more and are generally more fun with more players.

It doesn’t matter whether you are as good as Van Gough or more of a Van Scribble, these games are sure to get everyone involved and laughing. They are easy to learn and fun to play and will get your evening off to a fun start.

Here are the 7 best drawing art boardgames that will get the ice broken and the laughter rolling.

  • MonsDRAWsity
  • Telestrations
  • Scrawl
  • Telestrations After Dark
  • Tattoo Stories
  • How Do You Doodle?
  • Blank Slate
7 best drawing art boardgames

Table of Contents


It’s great to start off this list with one of the games that will be most accessible and fun for younger players.

There are monsters on the loose and the object of the game is to produce an identity sketch as described by the witness. Think classic cop show where a witness is asked to sit down with the sketch artist to create an identity sketch of the criminal.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

MonsDRAWsity is a game where each player takes turns in being the witness whilst the other players become the sketch artists. There is a deck of monster cards – no cheating by looking through the deck, this will spoil the game.

The witness takes the card and then has 20 seconds to memorize as much as they can. Now they have 2 minutes to describe the monster whilst the artists draw it and ask questions.

Once the two minutes are up the witness chooses the sketch that looks most like the monster on the card and writes it down without showing the sketch artists.

The monster is then revealed and the sketch artists vote on which of their drawings best fit the description. The sketch artist with the most votes gets a point.

If the witness also guessed the same sketch artist then they get a point for being a credible witness. If not then that point goes to the sketch artist the witness voted for.


Telestrations is a drawing game of Chinese whispers. If you don’t know what Chinese whispers are then it is basically a sentence whispered to each person in a chain.

Undoubtedly the final sentence is spoken out loud and is usually hilariously different from the original sentence.

Telestrations adds drawing to the mix and so creates more opportunity for laughter from the abstract drawings.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

There are two decks of cards, this deck or that deck, and only one is played so you choose at the beginning.

Each player selects a card which has a numbered list of words and then a dice is rolled. From the number rolled you select the word on your card and right it down on your pad.

If there are even players then you proceed to sketch your word. If there are odd players then you pass the pad to your right for the next player to draw.

The timer is set and everyone draws the word. Once the timer is out the pad is passed to the right and you look at the new drawing and write down the word you think it is.

Pass the pad to your right and the timer starts again for the next round. Game over when you receive your original pad back.

Finally the laughter will intensify as each player goes through their pad and shows it to the other players. This is a great interactive game that you can play with friends and family.

The objective is to have fun but there are variations to score if you are more on the competitive side.


Scrawl is a simpler variation on Telestrations. It has 8 boards, 8 pens and 240 cards.

A round starts by everyone picking a scenario card and choosing a word. Then everyone draws their word on the board, this is untimed.

Once completed the board is passed to the next player on the left and they write the word that they think describes your drawing.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

They then pass the card on to the next player who will draw the new word and pass that on to the next player and so on.

Once your board returns you then go through each card and score. Each player turns over the scenario card and then their first card. They then reveal each card and select their favourite scrawl or guess.

That player gets one point. If the final scrawl card remotely matches the original scrawl then the owner of that clip board gets three points.

Rounds are repeated until a player scores two points more than the others and wins the game.

Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark is a variation of the Telestrations game above with a more adult theme. Hence the age recommendation.

This is definitely for the more mature audience and is guaranteed to spice up a party with some uniquely drawn words that will bring a smile to your face.

Not all the words are R rated but there are a few that you will want to keep away from those younger players.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

If you like Telestrations and want something a little more risque then this game is for you.

Tattoo Stories

If you take Shark Tank (Dragon’s Den in the UK) and Miami Ink and throw them together you get Tattoo Stories. This fun game revolves around a tattoo parlor.

Each round a player is designated as the customer who wants a tattoo but really doesn’t know what they want etched on their bodies.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

These attributes are selected from a deck of cards where the customer picks ten cards from the deck. Then can select 5 of those to use in their tattoo and place them face up on the table for all to see.

Now the other players have three minutes to draw something they think the customer will like. During which they can ask questions.

In true tattoo form you can’t do over, so if you make a mistake then you’ll have to work that into your design. No erasing allowed!

This is where Shark Tank comes in. Once the time is up each player gets to pitch their tattoo to the customer and explain the story behind it.

The customer now gets to choose which tattoo most fits each card and give the tattooist the card.

The game then moves round and the next player becomes the customer. This happens until everyone has been the customer twice and then each player’s cards are added up.

The player with the most cards wins.

This is a very imaginative game that will reward drawing skills and your ability to persuade the customer. Like MonsDRAWsity it is unique and different from the Telestrations and Scrawl style games.

That is the reason it is definitely worth buying. If you want to play more than six then you can hand out regular paper and pencil and increase the fun.

How Do You Doodle?

Marketed as a game that inspires imagination and critical thinking, this game doesn’t require great drawing skills but will test your brain.

It relies on using your drawings to communicate the word you have been given.

This game is more competitive than others on this list as the players will directly compete against each other in order to win.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

The game is played over 9 rounds. The player able to get the others to identify their drawings the best will score the most and win.

To begin a round a topic card is drawn with a numbered list of words. Without showing the other players, each player then picks a token with a number on it. The word on the topic card relating to their number token is the one they must draw.

Now the players have 30 seconds to draw their word. Sounds simple but each of the words on the list are similar. Like Newborn, Baby and Infant.

So, each drawing had to differentiate between the other similar words to ensure it was guessed correctly. This really brings a level of complexity and gets the brain working.

Sometimes drawing what you see is not the best idea and something abstract will work much easier. It’s up to you.

Then each player guesses which word the other’s doodle represents and places a numbered color token. If the other players guess incorrectly they receive -1 point.

If no one guesses your drawing you receive -2 points. For each correct guess the player who drew the picture and the guesser each get +1 point.

At the end of 9 rounds the player with the highest score wins. If you are looking for a more challenging and competitive drawing game then this one is definitely for you.

Blank Slate

This last of my best drawing art boardgames recommendations is an easy game to pick up.

To win you’ll need to think like the other players, but not too much.

Each player has a board and an erasable marker pen to write down words that they think will fill in the blank.

PlayersAgePlaytime (m)

The game comes with 500 words on cue cards. The word is only partial and gives you the opportunity to fill in a blank. For example the word might be Cold____.

Each player writes on their board a word they think goes with the cue word e.g. Start, Front, or Feet would make cold start, cold front, and cold feet.

Now you score the round as follows:

  • Players who didn’t write the same word as any other player get no points.
  • If three or more players wrote down the same word then they get a point each.
  • If two people get the same word then they get 3 points each.

Mark each players point onto the scoring board using the dry markers. Put the cue card in the back of the box and then pick the next card.

First player to 25 wins the game.


There are some great drawing games out there that will make it fun for everyone to play.

MonsDrawsity is a great game that rates highly with a unique take on the sketch artist theme. The monster designs are really well designed and this will make it great fun to try and verbalise their attributes.

It is my recommendation for families of 8+.

Finally, If you are looking for a more adult themed game then Telestrations After Dark is my choice.

These games will be sure to keep you artistically entertained for many happy hours.

If you are looking for party games then be sure to checkout my article 9 of the Best 8 Player Boardgames for 2022. You may also be interested in Ticket To Ride vs Catan.

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